Our philosophy of treatment is that people have a need to be connected.

These connections change throughout our lives. At times we focus on connecting to family and friends, while during other life phases we focus on connecting to school and work. We view our therapy services as a way of helping people to learn new skills and strengthen their connections.

L+C Psychological Services offers a full line of mental health services for all ages. We provide both short-term assessment to identify treatment needs, as well as ongoing treatment in multiple modalities. We also engage collaboratively with other providers as needed to create a strong continuum of care.

Our List of Services

We understand that making the decision to seek mental health services can be difficult and we work closely with our clients to choose services that are the best fit for their needs.

Individual Therapy

Working one-on-one with a therapist to set and meet personal treatment goals.

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Family Therapy

Working as a family with a therapist to help identify patterns of interaction that are both beneficial and/or harmful. Families can explore alternative ways to be connected with one another.

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Couples Therapy

Meeting with your significant other and a therapist to work through areas where you may be stuck in connecting with one another.

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Parenting Support

Navigating being a parent in the ever changing relationship with your child with the support of a therapist.

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Completing a comprehensive evaluation to determine if Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or a Learning Disability is impacting school or home performance. Assessment incorporates parent and teacher input, testing, a written report, and a feedback session.

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Engage in hypnosis with a therapist to help change certain behaviors.

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Group Therapy

Engage in a group therapy setting to learn and practice new skills in a safe place. Groups may be offered related to social skills, mindfulness, women’s group, etc.

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Upon client request, our clinicians will coordinate care with other members of your treatment team.

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Presentations & Workshops

Our clinicians also offer presentations in the greater community. A variety of topics are available for schools and physicians offices.

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