Dr. Kirk Little

Along with Dr. Collins, I am co-owner of L+C Psychological Services.  I am a clinical psychologist licensed for independent practice in both Kentucky and Ohio, and have been serving our community at this location since 2004.  

As a psychotherapist, I see my role as a guide and facilitator of healing. My aim is to offer a sanctuary for people to explore the thoughts, feelings and experiences that may be interfering with a satisfying and fulfilling life.  Everyone has the desire to be happy and to have loving connections and enjoyable activities. We also desire to know who we really are and to find ways to express that truth in our hearts, but oftentimes we struggle to find our way alone. It is not necessary to feel alone when there are caring professionals who are available to assist you in living a life of connection with yourself and others. 

My experience is that many of us can feel more at ease talking to an open, caring, nonjudgmental professional when exploring our most personal issues.  In me, I hope that you will find an empathic and compassionate listener who can help you to alleviate the stress and dissatisfaction that comes from living a life that is disconnected or out of alignment in some essential way.  

My goal and life passion is to help facilitate the natural unfolding process that, when properly understood and respected, can lead us to the life we long to live. 

I like to spend my time doing what I love most, and that is being with people who are eager to heal and open into their best, most authentic selves.  I live in Loveland, Ohio with my wife, Laurie, also a psychologist, and two teenage children, Jackson and Meakah.  I enjoy walks in the woods, riding my recumbent bike on the Little Miami bike trail, and playing with our Bassett hound, Buddy.  I am a daily morning meditator, with a keen interest in the experiential understanding of Non-duality as the most direct path to peace and happiness.  

I am also a lover of truth, and feel that my academic studies and professional activities (described below) have helped me be an open-minded, critical thinker, who is comfortable with and interested in, many diverse points of view and paths to true understanding.  

My foundational training was in social psychology, child development, and family systems therapy as well as neuropsychology and EEG brain science.  I earned a Baccalaureate degree in social psychology from Brown University and a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology degree from the University of Hartford.  I have been an adjunct professor at the Central Connecticut State University, and the Graduate Institute for Professional Psychology at the University of Hartford.  I have been President of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, the Brain Injury Alliance of KY, and the Cincinnati Association for Rational thought. 

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