Getting Away From It All | Psychology Today

When a relaxing vacation seems further away than Timbuktu, here’s how to make the best of the little time you have. Your most important carry-on item? The mind-set you bring to the trip.
One of my prized possessions is a key-chain pendant with a heart superimposed on a map of Greenland. It’s a cheesy trinket, …

“I’m bored!” Kids in the Summer Part I: Screen time | Psychology Today

“I’m booooooored . . . “

Ah . . . the sounds of summer.

Adults often look with envy at the long stretches of leisure that punctuate the lives of children.  Kids look forward to summer vacation all winter long.   So it’s really frustrating when parents’ fantasies of leisurely bike rides, fishing trips, and reading in the hammock crash into the reality of …